The AS70 WA is a tray forming and filling machine suitable for all demands of pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries, that can be supplied with various feeding systems. The "wrap-around" customized forming system realized on the product, allows for no space between the product and tray. The open construction frame allows a wide access to the working area as well as extremely simple and comfortable maintenance. The work plane height amount between 800 and 900 mm

  • All feeding groups are located in ergonomic position, in order to make the loading easy for the operator;
  • One sensor checks product presence at the infeed and calls the correspondent carton and leaflet (if necessary), enabling the sensors of correct retrieval;
  • Blanks are positively picked-up from the magazine by a vacuum arm for a positive forming procedure, which guarantees optimal operations with the widest range of trays and cardboard quality;
  • Trays transport system centrally adjustable;
  • Widening of the belt transport system performed with hand wheel and digital indicators to suit carton length ("C" dimension);
  • Product arriving from the infeed system is inserted with a pusher placed on the operator side;
  • Product introduction on the tray with "NoTray-NoPush" device;
  • Flap gluing with hot-glue injection device;
  • After the closing operation, lateral belts discharge the tray;
  • The touch screen operator interface control panel shows all the machine functions and displays the machine status, as well as fault/alarm messages;
  • The speed is set from the control panel and allows the adjustment for the optimal production speed;
  • Machine is built thinking first about its mechanical sturdiness, with no hydraulic or oleo-pneumatic devices, in order to guarantee a great reliability and duration



  • Size range
    • A = min. 60 mm – MAX. 280 mm
    • B = min. 15 mm – MAX. 100 mm
    • C = min. 80 mm – MAX. 325 mm
  • Size changeover = OPERATOR FRIENDLY
    Fast and reproducible adjustments through scaled spindles with hand wheel and digital indicator plus operator guidance via operating terminal
  • Mechanical speed = up to 60 Trays per minute
  • Installed Power (Basic machine) = 3,5 KW
  • Air consumption (Basic machine) = 12 NI per minute
  • Air pressure = 5/6 bar
  • Approx Net weight = 1800 KG
  • Noise level = <72dB


  • Automatic feeding systems tailored according to specific requests
  • Leaflets variants (pre-folded, flat, from reel)
  • Booklet and objet insertion
  • Automatic reject of incomplete cartons
  • Automatic size changeover adjustments
  • Possibility to integrate bar code readers and complete vision system for detection of products quantity, printed code and leaflet presence
  • Wide selections of coding systems (embossing, ink-jet, laser etc.)
  • Separate double discharge
  • Modem for trouble shooting
  • Validation documents (IQ, OQ e FAT) supplied according to the customer's request
  • Connection to host computer