Available in several pitches, and for speeds of 40, 80, or 120 cartons/min, the FA60 can form cartons, display cartons or trays from a flat blank. Automatic loads products by single or multiple servo pick-and-place system that can load products of nearly any orientation, including cartons, bottles, vials, ampoules, pouches, tubes, etc. Products may be loaded vertically, either in a singular method or pre-collated, grouped and/or stacked in any fashion. Balcony design assures cleanliness and ease of access. Mechanical drives and machine movements provide for seamless and quiet operation with low maintenance.

FA60-01The FA models stands for versatility and can be used for a variety of products and carton types. Food, pharmaceutical, consumer, confectionery or tobacco products can all be reliably packed into a carton/tray/display.

The FA packaging machine is a monobloc with "Balcony" construction. Making it a highly flexible, clear and easy to access to the machine with outstanding operating simplicity. The modular design allows for different versions of trays, wrap-arounds or cartons with lids. Many combinations of these configurations is also possible.

Thanks to the flexibility of the FA cartoner, the manipulation of product collation and their insertion into a carton can be achieved with Top Loading or Side Loading capability. Starting from a flat blank that is picked-up from a magazine, filling it with the product(s) and, as a final step, closing it in one of the various options, depending on the packaging style needed.

Like the other models from BERGAMI, the FA cartoner has a minimum overall dimension; it uses accurate mechanical and servo driven movements and reliable product feeding systems. Size change-over is very quick and simple; it is carried out with adjustments made through digital indicators positioned on the front of the machine.

The competitive advantages of the FA models

  • Trouble-free alignment of blanks
  • Protective handling of products
  • Tray packer and wrap-around cartoner with lid closing obtainable on the same machine
  • Suitable to handle products with irregular shapes at a high speed
  • Flexible filling patterns (Top Load or Side Load)
  • Maintenance Free
  • Reliable packaging result
  • Economic use of resources
  • Excellent price-performance value

Optional Groups

  • Several closure configurations available (Tuck-in Flaps, Glued Flaps, Tamper Evident, etc.)
  • Leaflet or Object Insertion
  • Wide selection of printing systems (Embossing, Ink-jet, Laser and others)
  • Possibility to integrate Bar Code Readers and Complete Vision System
  • Automatic reject of incomplete cartons
  • Automatic feeding systems tailored according to the specific request