We are different in culture, technology and the way we do business

  • Inspired by technology
    Innovation is our core strength. Therefore, through modern technology, unrivalled performance and ergonomic features, our machines help you to pack your products globally in a more efficient and easier way.
  • Easy to deal with
    We understand your expectations, know your demands and speak your language. Our team will guide you through your entire project, with rapid reaction times, quick decisions and unmatched solutions.
  • Passion for Packaging Machinery
    Each machine meets our and the customers’ expectations for superior quality, unique design and excellent performance.
  • Powered by partnership and networking
    We develop long-term partnerships, built on honesty and reliability. Together, we generate tailor-made solutions for your packaging requirements.
  • Meeting your desire
    Each Bergami machine is unique, designed to meet your needs, we create the packing machine you want!