Horizontal continuous motion cartoner AS 200 is the result of an height constructive technology designed for small/medium size products cartoning applications and is suitable for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and consumers products industry.
The working area with a modern balcony type (cantilever) layout has made possible to completely separate the backside of the machine in a dedicated compartment for prevent carton dust and debris from falling into main drive components and allowing complete accessibility, for cleaning, maintenance, inspection and size changeover procedure.
Cartons, leaflets and similar items can be loaded from one unique operator place.

  • Balcony construction, as per GMP rules;
  • Very Compact Dimensions;
  • Maximum visibility for the whole process, thanks to completely transparent guards;
  • Bucket feeding chain into which, by means of dedicated feeders, the products are placed automatically to be cartoned. One sensor checks product presence in the bucket and calls the correspondent carton and leaflet (if necessary), enabling the sensors of correct retrieval;
  • All feeding groups are located in ergonomic position, in order to make the loading easy for the operator;
  • High capacity carton magazine with pusher belt, with minimum load control;
  • Orbital Carton Erector with double vacuum arms for Positive and forced Carton Pre-breaking feature which provides also the transfer of the squared open carton directly into the carton transport lug belts, which guarantees optimal operations with the widest range of cartons and cardboard quality;
  • Carton transport with bottom timing belts centrally adjustable with hand wheels and digital indicators to suit carton Width, Length and Depth (“A”,”B” and “C” dimension);
  • Particularly low noise and Lubrication free thanks to advanced solutions adopted for product and carton conveyors
  • Product insertion into the carton, arriving in a previously loaded bucket chain, achieved with 13 pushers from the infeed chain is inserted with a pusher placed on the operator side;
  • After the closing operation, the lug belts transfers the carton to two lateral accelerating discharge belts;
  • Touch screen control panel, for operator interface and machine management;
  • Self-diagnosis and help functions;
  • The carton transport system consists of scratch-proof white plastic toothed belts to insure package integrity, even when processing cartons with a high gloss finish. The AS200 cartoner is ideal for handling fragile or delicate products including cartons with internal liners.