Developed specifically for the automatic loads products by single or multiple servo Pick and Place system that can load products of nearly any orientation, including cartons, bottles, vials, ampoules, pouches, tubes, etc. Products may be loaded vertically, either in a singular method or pre-collated, grouped and/or stacked in any fashion.
Our 3 axis Pick and Place system Model Brutus, controlled by Three servomotors, stakes simplification of format changes to a new level. Set up for a new product is within a fixed parameter area in the HMI and takes just minutes to generate a program for a new format. In normal operation the pick and place can carry out any movements in a two-dimensional working field of 0.7m x 0.5 m. The servo motor at the wrist ensures the exact rotation and placement of the product. The Pick & Place arm can be accelerated with 3G and reach speeds of up to 5 m/sec. Its load-bearing capacity is 20 kg. Pick and Place systems can work together as a team and mutually pursue the objective of guaranteeing packages which have been filled completely.