Working principle

Boxes loaded with empty tubes, open tube ends facing upwards, are manually placed on the transport conveyor and pushed in the tube pickup position by drive lugs fitted to the conveyor chain. As soon as the tubes are located in the appropriate position, mandrels on a pickup rake are diving in the open tube ends. The first row of tubes is lifted clear off the box, swiveled across the tube feeding conveyor and stripped off on the conveyor by a stripper rake from where the tubes are finally conveyed to the tube filling machine. The tube box is emptied row by row. Setting up the machine for a different tube size is quite simple: a different program is selected on the HMI of the machine and the new values are set on the digital counters. Tube pickup and strip off rakes are exchanged to match the new tube diameter. The machine is now ready for the new tube size.
The CT tube feeding machine series comes with its own drive and can be setup and operated as a stand-alone unit without the tube filling machine.