The TF 200 is a twin-channels linear automatic filling and closing machine for metal, plastic and laminate tubes. The construction principles, materials used and innovative concepts guarantee maximum productivity, user friendliness and quality, making this machine an ideal solution for the pharmaceutical (even in a sterile environment) and the cosmetic market.

The tubes are conveyed on special self-centering pucks. A movement controlled by a brushless motor lifts the pucks containing the tubes towards the dosing nozzles, guaranteeing perfect filling from the tube bottom. This operating method prevents the formation of air pockets in the tube, even when handling difficult products and at high speeds


  • Linear balcony structure;
  • Parts in contact with the product of 316 L stainless steel;
  • Independent brushless motors, for versatile machine configuration;
  • Removable dosing unit;
  • Possibility of Combined closing systems without replacement;
  • Designed for installation under a laminar flow hood;
  • Easy to use, with simple size change-over;
  • PC controlled;
  • Conforms to GMP standards.



  • Dosage: from 3 to 250 ml
  • Filling accuracy: ± 1% for non-aerated products
  • Tubes diameter:
  • From 11 to 42 mm (for aluminum tubes)
  • From 11 to 50 mm (for plastic/laminate tubes)
  • Tubes Height: from 50 to 240 mm (cap included)


  • 200 strokes/minute


  • Size parts for additional tube sizes and/or products
  • Cassette infeed systems. Individual cassettes tailored to each carton size or hinged cassettes
  • Robot infeed system
  • Easy feeder
  • Tube cleaning and cap tightening
  • Code reading systems
  • Heated product hoppers
  • Stirring devices
  • Servodrive system filling pump
  • Servolift at filling
  • Clean in place pump units (CIP)
  • Sterilization in place (SIP)
  • Product level control
  • Complete extra pump unit to allow fast product change over
  • Inert gas injection before and/or after filling
  • Overload protection of the filling pump
  • Kits for quicker change over
  • Linear trimming device
  • Coding on both sides of the tube
  • Cap first discharge for line configurations
  • Exhaust collector for trim waste
  • Corner trimming device
  • Individual indication of open doors
  • Central lubrication
  • Automatic rejection of faulty tubes avoiding unnecessary machine stops
  • Data link for monitoring one or several machines on computer and or printer