Bergami announces the latest addition to their Tube Filling and closing Systems the model TF200. Designed with the new “in-Line” approach and orbital track which accepts empty tubes vertically for filling and closing: this allows the new machine to be built on a cantilevered basis (Balcony Design) for ease of cleaning to GMP standards and gives the operator clear access to all parts. Also, closing systems to handle plastic and aluminum tubes can be readily mounted side by side, for immediate changeover.

The orbital track carries quick-release magnetically secured holders for the tube which are fed in vertically and rotated to bring print into register.
Following this, if requested there is a tube-cleaning station employing a vacuum suck-blow system.
As the track passes round the end of the loop the tube holders presents the tubes ready for filling.
Servo drives are employed for the dosing system, providing programmable changeover in the volume range 3-350ml, and to elevate the tube holders up to the two filling nozzles, Servo drive also allows on-the-run adjustment from the control panel should humidity, temperature, viscosity or other variables cause changes in product flow.
The dosing system, together with a hot air sealing station for plastic or laminate tubes and/or folding tools for aluminum tubes, is supported on an upper frame, which is simply raised or lowered via handwheel to cater for different length tubes. Filled and sealed tubes then pass along the track, down the other end of the loop and transferred gently horizontally into the cartoner feeder.
As option is available that the tubes are picked from their holders and placed automatically in the infeed buckets of the cartoner. This pick-and-place arrangement prevents risk of scuffing and ensures that the tubes lie in the correct orientation for the side-load cartoner.
Servo drives are used throughout the TF 200 range to provide electronic adjustment via the touchscreen control panel for size changeover of most machine functions via the PC control system within 12 minutes. This consistent use of servo drives makes virtually all cams in conventional tube fillers obsolete “Product dependent cam adjustments such as stroke settings, timing adjustments or even filling cam settings now lie in the past, since movement characteristics can be set and adjusted by programming the servo motors.
Movement profiles can now be optimised, which could not previously be achieved by cams.

The tube filling and closing machines of the TF200 series impress with their:

  • Bergami design, proven in the field over decades
  • Linear Balcony structure conforms to GMP standards
  • Removable dosing unit
  • Combined closing systems
  • Customized “designer seals” on request
  • Easy to use, with simple size change-over
  • Excellent accessibility from all sides
  • Maximum process reliability by use of servo technology where useful
  • Flexible positioning of working stations to fit your floor space requirements
  • Robust, highly accurate transport system with motorized height adjustment
  • No stretching of the transport chain possible
  • Accurate position of the tube in the working stations guaranteed


  • 200 strokes/minute


  • Dosage: from 3 to 250 (on request up to 350 ml)
  • Filling accuracy: ± 1% for non-aerated products
  • Tubes diameter:
  • From 11 to 40 mm (for aluminum tubes)
  • From 11 to 50 mm (for plastic/laminate tubes)
  • Tubes Height: from 50 to 250 mm (cap included)
  • Working station according to the option installed