Bergami is proud to announce the latest addition to our world class line of secondary packing machinery, the new Bergami P15 Palletizer. The Bergami P15 was born out of necessity for a simple, reliable and easy to program palletizing system to fit behind our line of casepackers. Bergami has achieved this with very simple HMI based programming and off the shelve servo control that does have the normal requirements of pendant for training/programming or third party robotics integration. Bergami can supply the P15 palletizer as an inexpensive standalone system or mono-block system fully integrated with our casepackers. The Bergami P15 is available in single or dual cell configurations with integration of labelers scanners, cameras and reject station at the customer’s request. Output data available for serialization and track & trace applications. Maximum load capacity is up to 30Kgs (66 pounds).